There is a lot of advancements going on in the field of technology. The world is changing so fast and new innovations rise up every now and then.

So to keep up with the advancements in the field of technology, we have made a record of some new innovations which are shaping the future.

1. Meta:

Since Facebook announced its new name META, and announced their new innovation Metaverse there has been so much gossip in the tech world.

To be clear what meta is we know that it is a 3D designed virtual world which will be used as a social media. It is a world built by humans as per their desires and it will be changeable as per ones wish.

What Meta has to say about Metaverse is that  it is a 3D spaces that will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine.

This all may seem so much fascinating but it also has its concerns as what Meta actually gives is an ultimate freedom to design and live a virtual life.

This will mean new industries will set up to suit our needs in the Metaverse but as I said it will have concerns regarding physical and mental health of the user and also new frauds and crime may evolve.

New Innovation 1 Metaverse

2. The Next Generation AI:

We all have seen or faced AI in our daily lives, maybe in the form of Virtual assistants, moderator Bots, or in other software to do some special works like creating auto captions.

But the next gen AI is much more than what we would have expected.

To give you an Idea about the next gen AI I would like to tell you about the Qualcom’s Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor in which they have placed a reserved section for AI and it is capable of making a 30fps game to look like 120fps and also boost the camera quality by almost 40,000%.

This is due to the fact that in next gen AI the principle of working will be prediction.

The algorithms are such defined that besides predicting text or spellings or other input it will be able to predict colors frames, and other information and even output can be predicted before getting processed. 

New Innovation 2 Next Gen AI

3. Solar Framing and BESS: 

Who does not get excited when he hears about solar. No doubt solar energy is a source of renewable energy and it can help reduce pressure on natural resources and help protect environment.

But only 5% of worlds energy production is done using solar and it had many issues mostly regarding energy storage and it was thought to be unsuccessful and an addition to environment pollution up until now!

The things have changed, not only have we developed solar cells which have an efficiency of almost 35-40% and more prior to 20-25% of conventional cells but also have we developed BESS or battery energy storage systems on another level.

The key developments are Li-ion based Ultium batteries by GM and CATLS Na-Ion batteries. Sensing these developments many MNCs ave already started investing in solar and many countries like India and Saudi Arabia have promised 0% carbon emissions by 2050. 

New Innovation 3 Solar farming and Bess

4.Autopilot Cars :

So this was everybody’s imagination that one day we will have automatically driven cars and with time this imagination turned into innovation and now it’s here.

We have already seen Tesla, Audi, Mercedes almost all big automobile industries producing these cars and their technology is always evolving.

The cars we know today have much capabilities and are much safer then ever. This will mean that in future we may have auto driven vehicles as taxis or in place of delivery man.

The future is in progress and this is somewhat scary too that this will be a part of the world full of AI and machines.

And yes a great advantage of them is that they are mostly electrical vehicles.

New Innovation 4 Autopilot cars

5. E-Commerce:

Who among us has not shopped online, maybe from amazon, eBay or directly from the company website.

A decade ago it was not thought of as a good idea to buy things online. There were issues such as security of transactions, safe shipment, replacement of product, or refund etc.

All the challenges were dealt perfectly and now people do not fear buying online. Earlier it was done by a few players but now with the help of social media like Instagram and Facebook (ops! sorry!  META) small businesses can sell online in as a local provider  or a global provider.

We too have places like Google’s my digital showroom or whatsapp business an d many other platforms which use audience targeting to gt the right and interested customers to your digital market.

The fact i want to highlight is that this digital marketing has developed so much and is now so much accurate about targeting the audience and generating sales that one cannot keep away from it. Any development in social networking will mean an extra opportunity to develop audience and E-Commerce will thus be an integration to it.

6. MagLev Trains:

Traditional trains will soon be replaced by this technology in with these fast and comfortable ones. These trains are still in development and the only known commercial train runs in countries like Japan, China and Germany and many countries are still trying to get this technology.

These trains work on MagLev principle or magnetic levitation as it uses series of magnets and super conductors to levitated and propel the train.

This tech is not only helpful to preserve environment but also will it provide faster and comfortable commutation. An obstacle for their development is that these require new infrastructure and use rare earth elements.

This makes them expensive and much difficult to commercialize.

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