What is Araaf?

Araaf is a start up IT company by some young students from Kashmir. We offer services in web development, designing, marketing and other services.

Who works at Araaf?

Araaf has a professional team for all their services.

How does Araaf offer their services?

When we receive a project, a team comes forward to work on the project and propose their terms. These team members are affiliated to Araaf and work under the supervision of Araaf.

How does Araaf charge for services?

Any team which receives the project offers their price plan. The price plan includes the cost of resources and charge for the service as per complexity and skills required. These are reviewed by heads and approved for proposal to client.

All the funds go to the team and a small amount is deducted for resource development of the company.

What services are available at Araaf?

Araaf is an a IT Company and we are including all the services that an IT Company provides. Our services are mentioned in the services page of the website.

What are our terms for accepting a project?

There are a few points that must be noted before proposing a project.

  • We do not work on projects aimed to reproduce/duplicate any copyrighted project.
  • We do not work on projects aimed to cause harm, loss, or confusion in society.
  • We do not work on projects that are illegal.
  • We do not work on projects with nudity or sexual content.
  • We do not work on projects which do not support of human morals and ethics.

Every project is reviewed by the team and approved or proposed only after the checks.

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