There is a lot of talk about electric vehicles and this is no secret that these vehicles are the future. This is why people are fascinated about their development and their technology.

The first electric car was born in 1890 in ,as you have guessed, U.S.A. and it was a forgotten thing until 2000s. So what lead to this rethink on the electric vehicles.

Why we need EVs

We hear a lot about environment degradation, climate change, global warming and one of the biggest cause for all this was the vehicular emission that comes from the gas engine based cars, buses bikes and other vehicles.

Not only this, the rising number of vehicles on road also put a pressure on the natural resources and will deplete these non renewable resources.

But then for the rescue came electric vehicles. These vehicles were perfect to both handle the vehicular emissions and also the stress on the natural resources.

As these vehicles used energy in the from of electricity and also they do not cause pollution, it was right time to develop them and act on this solution.

Today we have developed them so much that the purpose of decreasing the pollution and saving the natural resources can be achieved.

These cars are not only fast and comfortable but they also have almost all the facilities as in a normal gas car, like AC, music systems or smart tablet.

We have also have vehicles which give a lot more millage than a gas vehicle.

Not only this, some of these cars have got auto pilot modes so that you can enjoy a ride while the car is driven by an invisible Robo.

EV charger
An EV charger

The Biggest Challenge

These car seem to be a perfect solution for everything until we see this:
So the cars are electrically charged and instead of fuel it must be recharged with an adapter.

But we see there are quite a few places in the world were we find charging stations for EVs like we find gas stations for a normal vehicle.

Also these stations need to be technically well equipped so much so that they need to keep track of the charge in nearest vehicles passing by, they need much more space to accommodate cars and charging points and this charging is not as fast as refueling a car.

As a result the infrastructure of these charging stations is quit expensive and and so is its maintenance. 

Also about the energy or electricity for charging these EVs, one may think that it comes from renewable sources.

But the truth is that still in many places in the world, the commercial electricity is created by turbine engines which run on gas and petroleum.

So using this electricity for charging the EVs would only add to the pollution and depletion of the non-renewable resources which definitely is not the purpose of these EVs.

But don’t worry we have a solution for this too, using solar based charging stations the only thing we need to do is spend out some more money over the cost of infrastructure of building charging station.

Something that is of a concern

Another challenge for these vehicles is the battery. We know that electricity used by these cars need to stored in them in a battery but what battery should be used? A battery that is light in weight but can store much electricity i.e. the battery should have a high energy density.

Do we have such a thing? well yes! It is the same battery that is used in our smartphones and laptops and other gadgets. The Lithium Ion Battery or Liion battery. So what problem solved?

umm no! well actually the problem is the battery itself. Not only is lithium a very expensive resource but also toxic and explosive so we need to add to the safety and handling of the battery.

All this makes EVs terribly costly and as of the current solution for batteries we have a substitute like Nickle Hydride and Sodium Ion batteries but they reduce the efficiency, and energy density of the vehicle by more than 50% and does not reduce the cost much either.

Hence we may have developed the EVs much but the cars are expensive, the charging infrastructure is expensive and the usage is limited. If you have a solution of any of these problems feel free to share in comment section

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